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Beginner Teen Martial Arts Classes Enrolling In November

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At Coppell Taekwondo Academy we offer a program just for teens! Our Teen Martial Arts program is designed for ages 11-13 and incorporates a positive, social atmosphere in which students can learn self-defense and just be themselves. This program provides the perfect balance of fun and structure. Students have the opportunity to perform technical drills while also engaging in group activities.

Whether your teen is interested in improving his/her Taekwondo skills or is new to martial arts, our professional instructors will help! We work with students of all skill levels. Our Teen Martial Arts program also puts a lot of emphasis on character building and these classes teach important life skills like respect, integrity, focus, and discipline. Your teen will leave every class a more well-rounded individual.

Endless Benefits of Teen Martial Arts Classes in Coppell!

  • Master fundamental Taekwondo moves like blocks, kicks, and punches
  • Increase endurance, flexibility, and power
  • Improve concentration
  • Gain knowledge of important self-defense skills

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