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This month your child will be studying the character word: TRUSTWORTHY. People that are trustworthy have a reputation for being honest, responsible, and reliable. When a child is considered trustworthy, there are many benefits. People tend to treat trustworthy children better and provide them with more opportunities from learning to leading which consistently increases the child’s self-esteem. With that said, it is safe to say that helping children become trustworthy is the foundation for good character development.

You can help by reinforcing trustworthiness at home. Support your child in their effort to become more trustworthy. Below are some tips on how to compliment the lesson we teach about trustworthiness this month:

  • Make promises only of rewards that you plan to keep.
  • Make promises only of punishments that you plan to keep. 
  • Be consistent in everything you say.
  • Tell the truth to your children.
  • Tell the truth in front of your children.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to watching our youthful students build the skill of being trustworthy.


The CTA Team

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